Package Description

Looking to push your players' realistic audiovisual experience?
Give them nightclubs, theaters, cinemas and more to enjoy!

You can check out a promotional video here.

The resource is using Asset Escrow system.
Your server needs to be in an artifacts version that supports it.

The resource comes with an extensive configuration, events, exports and some client / server source files to allow you to customize it to your liking.

It is a standalone resource and works with any framework. The UI is accessed via the /hall command while inside an enabled hall location for players with Ace permission "cs-hall.control". This check and how the UI is accessed can be changed by modifying integration/client.lua and integration/server.lua files. There is also an identifier-based check in parallel to Ace permission which can also be edited in integration/server.lua file to add any player identifiers you want. You may also find some ready-to-use framework-related integrations here.

Out of the box we provide you with configuration for the following locations (some of them are disabled by default, you can enable them in the configuration file).

Make sure to join our Discord where people may choose to share their configurations for other locations or even share your own if you create one!
You may also find some more public configurations here.


  • YouTube (live or video) and Twitch (live, video or clip) supported.
  • Player position and camera-based 3D audio.
  • Lights for five frequency groups, synced with whatever is playing.
  • Static monitors and moving screens to create more realistic setups.
  • Replacers to actually see what’s playing.
  • Colored sparklers and smoke machines with bass triggers.
  • Dynamic video-based colors for a seamless lights & effects experience.
  • Scenes support, a programmable interface to create interactive experiences.
  • Minimal UI for full and easy control of what’s happening alongside a queue system with server persistence per each configured location.
  • Realistic dynamic gain, low-pass filter, polygon mapping and virtual remote control for key bindings and media keys with default animations.
  • Unlimited number of places with their own setup given you can create them.
  • Range synchronization and considerate optimization for a good balance between performance and features.
  • Real-time state synchronization between players for both UI and currently playing media.
  • A wide array of events and exports to check and control the resource.
  • Extensive configuration to change almost all aspects of the resource to your liking.
  • Lua-based integration for permissions and access control to limit usage of the resource to whoever you like (job-based, permission-based and so on).

Installation Instructions

  1. Download cs-hall and place it in your resources folder.
  2. Download cs-stream resource, place it in your resources folder and place ensure cs-stream to your server's configuration file. This is optional but if you choose not to do it you will have to change the default configuration as the default spotlight object is an addon and the default screen for some locations is from The Cayo Perico Heist DLC which your server may not be on.
  3. Add ensure cs-hall to your server's configuration file.
  4. Add add_ace group.admin cs-hall.control allow to your server's configuration file so Ace admins can access /hall command. This check can be changed by modifying integration/server.lua file.
  5. Check the config.lua file inside cs-hall for further configuration and enable the entries for the locations you want the hall to be available.
  6. Run the command refresh followed by the command ensure cs-hall.

Important Information

  • The resource is optimized with range synchronization and assets are loaded only when the player is around an active location.
  • Very low-spec computers may experience a more downgraded experience.
  • If you want to ensure the resource, you are advised to stop the playback in all active locations first to avoid crashes.
  • The default configuration requires the cs-stream resource which can be downloaded here, started before cs-hall resource.
  • In the most default configured entries, adjusting the content time for buffering and syncing is turned off as it is not mandatory for a great experience. This feature is complicated and may not always work as intended, therefore it is advised to enable it only in time-critical content (e.g., a cinema).
  • Some triangle / black textures may appear in monitors when there are a lot of players around, that seems to be a game texture bug.
  • Minor crackling may be audible on certain songs when the camera is moved due to limitations imposed upon spatial audio.
  • Only YouTube and Twitch content is allowed at this time.
  • Captions and advertisements may appear when playing YouTube videos.
  • Twitch may throw alerts in live streams about third-party viewing experience and sync may not be optimal. Mature content warning and audio muted warning will be clicked away automatically.
  • The resource is loading content in every client by using APIs, embeds and inline frames therefore, does not directly violate any copyright laws.
  • If content fails to load or play for any reason for the player who is controlling the UI, it will stop for everyone. If content fails to load or play for any reason for a player who is only viewing / listening, it may attempt to reload for them.
  • The resource is using FiveM's KV storage to store settings and queue for all locations, if you are using a shared multi-server setup this may cause an issue and you may want to set sv_kvsName console variable to something unique for your server.
  • There are checks in place in an attempt to verify that the transmitted data (titles, thumbnail URL, icon, etc.) are legitimate and are coming from the within resource itself, however since the client sends it, they cannot be fully trusted.